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Still here

I haven't been blogging, but the parts site is up and active.
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Free Singer 500 / 500A Sewing Machine Manual

It was quite a project getting this book scanned and converted to PDF, but alas, HERE IT IS. I broke it down into two sections to maintain the quality and keep the file from becoming too large. Even so, they are decent sized files and make take a while to download depending on your connection speed.

It's free for anyone and everyone's personal use, but PLEASE DO NOT SELL THIS PDF.
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DONE- Singer Featherweight 221- UPDATE in RED

UPDATE: Here is a quick shot of the "cherry red" featherweight with it's first coat of paint.  I'll try and post a few more shots of it's progress along the way......<< MORE >>

Classic Singer 99 Vintage Sewing Machine Review

Don’t let the smaller size of the Singer 99 sewing machine fool you for one minute. This machine is a beefy little tank of a sewing machine that will last for generations with just a little bit of care. When in proper, serviced condition, the 99 will sew delicates to denim and handle any of your household sewing needs with ease. This review will give you the specifications and other information to help you get to know the Singer 99 and why it's considered sew classic. (free manual download at the bottom of the page) << MORE >>

Classic Singer 201-2 Vintage Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 201-2 sewing machine is a true a classic! In fact, it’s Sew-Classic! Three words come to mind immediately with this machine- quality, beauty and durability. This model is an enduring favorite among, sewing hobbyists, tailors, seamstresses, dressmakers, and collectors alike. It is considered to be one of Singers best machines ever! (I happen to be partial to it myself) This review will cover the technical features, advantages, disadvantages (yes every model has them, even this perennial favorite), accessories, and common problems or issues found on ‘attic fresh”, unrefurbished machines. (Free manual down load at the end)<< MORE >>

Products to Oil & Lubricate a Sewing Machine

Using the wrong lubricating product or oil for your sewing machine can be a slippery slope to problems for your sewing machine or serger. Don’t risk damaging your machine or make things more difficult for yourself, get the correct tool and product for the job. << MORE >>

Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 15-91 is a one of the classic, black, cast iron Singers loved by sew many for sew long and for sew many good reasons! This attractive, vintage machine is noted for it's sturdy build, cast iron iron body and exceptional straight stitch. The 15-91 was made Singer from the early 1930’s through the mid 1950’s. (free manual download at the bottom of the page) << MORE >>

Using a Sewing Machne Foot Pedal The Easy Way

Almost all of us instinctively use the foot pedal on our sewing machine the way that gives us the LEAST precise control, and is the least ergonomic.

The tendency is to use it in the orientation below. Notice how the heel is suspended in air? You have to hold up you foot and push down with your toe. This is usually not the easiest way ... ... << MORE >>

Organizing the Chaos Pays Off

Today,  I decided to go through a small box of "goodies" my mom picked up at garage sales last Summer.

"Wasn't that almost a year ago"?, you ask. Yep, I was a bad girl and put it off for too long. I was pretty wrapped up in my father's illness last summer.  He passed away in the fall, and then the holidays, and ...well ....I got to it today. (geez- quit nagging me already! <grins>  )

Anyhow, look at what I found in the ... << MORE >>

I Really like it...But...

My mom (ain't she great?) found this really nice little sewing chair, I' loved the lines of it, but the blond wood finish was just throwing something off for me. It would look weird in my house.

Hmm...I thought I'd just sell it, BUT it doesn't break down (all glued together), so shipping it would be expensive as it would need a very large box. Hmmmm again......I really hate stripping, staining, etc...- just not my cup-o-tea. So, I decided to paint it. Oh yeah, ...

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